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Building a Pwdr Model 0.1

Building a model 0.1 Pwdr machine is pretty easy. Gather all the materials you need (there is a Bill of Materials at the bottom of this page) and start building! Below, you'll find instructions for the assembly of the chassis, XY gantry and pistons. Use the electrical scheme on GitHub to create the electronics the schematics on this page only give you a rough overview. The tools you need to build a Pwdr machine are a set of hex keys and screwdrivers, soldering iron and a pair of pliers. Currently not included in the Bill of Materials are the cables, I assume you have some cables in your workshop or else will find some cables that fit.

Chassis, part 1


Chassis, part 2


Powder pistons


Belt tensioner


Y-carriage, left


Y-carriage, right






Schematic electronics


Electronics layout

Detailed version on GitHub


Bill of materials

DescriptionSupplierPart Nr.#Costs DOLCosts EUR
Acrylic GS 790x384 8mmFormulor-4 €278.59
Acrylic GS 384x384 5mmFormulor-1 €44.50
Timing pulley GT2 ∅9.6mm 6mmSDP-SiA 6A51M015DF060410$97.10  
GT2 Timing belt 2218mmSDP-SIA 6R51MB090601$11.95  
GT2 Timing belt 112.00mmSDP-SIA 6R51M0560601$3.96  
GT2 Timing belt 130.00mmSDP-SIA 6R51M0650601$1.39  
Ball bearing ∅8mm 2mmSDP-SiA 7Y 5MF0804G6$56.82  
Precision Shaft ∅4mm 260mmSDP-SIS40PX0MHG4M-2601$6.85  
Precision Shaft ∅6mm 220mmSDP-SIS40PX0MHG6M-2202$19.44  
Precision Shaft ∅10mm 210mmSDP-SIS40PX0MHGAM-2101$11.17  
Precision Shaft ∅4mm 25mmSDP-SiS40PX0MHG4M-0253$13.26  
Precision Shaft ∅8mm 500mmSDP-SIA 7X 1M0805002$26.82  
Sleeve bearing ∅12.70mm 4mmSDP-SIA 7Z44MPSD04MAF4$5.24  
Sleeve bearing ∅15.90mm 8mmSDP-SiA 7Z41MPSB08M4$6.24  
Sleeve bearing ∅12.70mm 6mmSDP-SIA 7Z41MPSB06M6$8.34  
Fastenings M3*12Farnell14206851 €14.61
Fastenings M4*12Farnell14206911 €10.19
Squarre nut M3Farnell14194691 €5.26
Square nut M4Farnell14194711 €5.41
Subtotal Mechanical ($1,00 = €0,77)    €568.76
DescriptionSupplierPart Nr.#Costs DOLCosts EUR
Arduino Mega 2560 A000047Farnell18486881 €59.29
Arduino Mega Proto Shield A000038Farnell18486981 €7.24
0.1uf CapacitorFarnell16660701 €0.36
1.0uf CapacitorFarnellA104K15X7RF5TAA1 €0.22
240 ohm ResistorFarnell93428851 €0.04
4K0 ohm ResistorFarnellPTF564K0000BYEK1 €1.42
Darlington Array ULN2003Farnell10944212 €2.20
Linear voltage regulator LM317TFarnell97560271 €0.85
Socket FCC MolexFaranell5261016711 €2.67
Linear position drive LS41NanotecLS4118S1404-T6x2-1502 €173.80
Lead screw nutNanotecLSNUT-T6X2-F2 €19.80
Nanotec Stepper Size 42FarnellST4209S1006-B3 €111.09
BigEasy DriverSparkFunROB-107352$45.90 
EasyDriver Stepper Motor DriverSparkFunROB-102673$44.85 
HP Black Cartridge C6602A Transactsupplies98-015701$15.54 
HP Cartridge Assembly Q2347ATransactsupplies200-002991$8.25 
Power supply 24VFarnell12795121 €12.23
ATX power supply 1500W 15AFarnell12772641 €22.05
OPTIONAL: Flat cable connectorNewhaven DisplayNHD-FFC16-11$10.00 
Subtotal Mechanical ($1,00 = €0,77)    €501.46
Total, excluding shipping    €1,077.49